Centos Linux for CLI & Shell scripting

Why Linux and Unix? Why Centos Linux?


All of in demand of Industry4.0 skills which are like IoT, Robotics, AI and Security at an advanced level works on a Unix distro.


Building a strong foundation in Linux and Unix is no more an optional skill. Be it making a robot which works on ROS or conducting penetration test needs Unix skills. 


Red Hat Linux is the most widely used Linux base in the industry but it is not free as it's an enterprise edition. Centos Linux is the same product without the name of Red Hat & it's free to use. Centos skills can be used as a foundation for future Red Hat certifications. Know more of Centos at https://www.centos.org/


Why CLI and Shell scripting?


In Linux, while using industry-based use cases, you will hardly be in front of a User interface but control it via remote connection. Hence, you need to master the CLI (Command line interface). Shell scripts are used to automate CLI. Many Linux distro does not even have a user interface.


Example# When you run a robot you always do not wish to type commands to activate it but make a shell script to start the robot very fast.



Workshop contents

  • Get to use a MieRobot customised VDI (Disk image) of Centos Linux & easily install in your windows laptop using Oracle Virtual box.

  • Installation videos supported in a foundation video online

  • Introduction to Linux file structure

  • Introduction to common Unix commands

  • Introduction to EMAC editors 

  • Wildcards

  • Shell scripts

  • Cron jobs