May 8, 2017

OpenCV is our recommended package for image processing. In robotics, OpenCV can be deployed in Single Board computers as Raspberry Pi to give the power of vision to the robot.

You can make robots as SID2 using the power of OpenCV in your robots. 

The Jupyter notebook fo...

February 24, 2017

In this blog we will learn a sample code which you can use with any laptop or computer which has a webcam to detect your eye and face. This sets up your foundation stone towards learning computer vision. In case you are new to OpenCV or computer we would request you to...

January 28, 2017

Average reading time: 4 minutes, level: Advanced

In this blog, we will continue to talk about computer vision in robotics and introduce a simple classification algorithm using supervised learning called as K-nearest neighbours or KNN algorithm.

Supervised learning in rob...

January 28, 2017

Read time : 4 minutes , level : Intermediate 

We continue our blog series on computer vision. In case you are new to computer vision refer our earlier blog here

Have a look at the picture of the 'cat' on your left. It looks awesome and is great. We know that because we...

January 14, 2017

We are starting a new series on robotic vision and computer vision and we thought that a blog which points the basic differences between them would be helpful.

Addition of sensors adds sensing abilities to your robot which means it takes Physical aspects like light, he...

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