MieRobot.com Campus Ambassador Program - Session Dec/Jan 2018

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We are excited to inform all of you that we have launched our Campus ambassador programme for all Engineering colleges in India. This page will guide you through each step of MieRobot campus ambassador programme. 


What is MieRobot.com? 


MieRobot.com is a brand of the company DNeur Services OPC private Limited. We are an IBM and Microsoft registered partner company. It is currently a bootstrapped StartUp that promotes open source robotics and machine learning for engineering students to make a start in this area

through strong community building.


What has MieRobot.com achieved so far? 


The fact that you are reading this page is our biggest achievement. Additionally, we have created close to 100 blogs, roadmaps, interviews on our site.


We have conducted free seminars in multiple engineering colleges to promote skills needed in Industry 4.0 - Our combined social media followers are over 6000 now.


We are also ranked 37th and 17th globally by FeedSpot under robotics and machine learning blogs respectively. 


What is Campus ambassador?


A campus ambassador acts as a coordinator for the brand of MieRobot.com in the campus. The campus ambassador conducts seminars, talk sessions on behalf of the brand. The role is also responsible for getting subscribers to the website.


Will it convert to a Job or internship with MieRobot.com?


No, it will not convert with a job or internship with MieRobot.com


What is the difference between internship vs Campus ambassador? 


An intern is an interim employee created for an organisation. Campus ambassador is a brand coordinator. Both are important and needed. See this blog from us on the same subject.


What is my gain as a student? Do I need to sell anything?


There are multiple gains. A campus ambassador experience helps a lot in your cv during placements (on campus/off campus). You would also get mentorship on how to conduct technical sessions. Gain experience with branding with a Startup which is seen with high esteem in current placement scenario.


You will also get a participation certificate. Letter of appreciation is for outstanding Campus ambassadors. No, you do not have to sell anything.


Who is eligible?


Any BE/B-Tech student in 2nd and 3rd Year. MBA first year can also apply provided the candidate has tech interest.


You should have a campus visibility. We would prefer members or leaders of student clubs (any). Any branch is welcome to apply. 


How to apply? 


Apply through Frapp.in with this link if you are applying from India

Frapp application link --- Click here (India candidates only)






                                             OR if you are outside India 


Please create a YouTube or Vimeo video under 4 minutes introducing yourself and stating why you are applying? Your language can be English/Any language for the video. You would need to attach an English transcript if you are making the video in a non-English language.


We are doing this so the language barrier is removed.


If you can not make a video please write an essay in English under 500 words introducing yourself and why you are applying. Please send the youtube video link along with transcript (if applicable) or the essay as an MS Word attachment at hello@mierobot.com  


What happens after that?


If we like your essay or video - we will take a telephonic interview with you. If you cross this round you would be sent an offer. We may ask certain documents like a bonafide student letter from your college.


After that, you would be taken on an induction process via web along with other selected campus ambassadors. 


Will I get paid for this? How long is this for?


No, we do not charge money nor give money for this program. The current session is from 20th December 2017 to 20th February 2018. 


I do not wish to be Campus ambassador but I wish to still contribute for MieRobot.com?

You can be our Guest blogger. See this link


How popular is a Campus ambassador program?


It is picking up very fast. Check references from other websites as internshala.com


What do I need to do? 


Engage as MieRobot Campus ambassadors over social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. Conduct at least one seminar in your college on our behalf, collect subscribers (email) for the website, write one blog as your experience as Campus Ambassador. Collect pictures for the seminars you have conducted. 



EduExo, Swizerland

I really appreciate your blog and your goal to make robotics more accessible. I think so many people are interested but don’t know where to start and your blog will really help them.

I have just finished reading the article you wrote on Amy Robot. I want to tell you how much I appreciated your clearly written and thought-provoking robots article.
While much has been written on this topic, your article expresses aspects of this important Robotics topic.
Thank you for your thorough research and clear writing.

Drone Supremacy,Bulgaria

I love the fact that you’re teaching young people about robotics and upcoming technologies – I really do believe this will be a great part of our very near future and it’s great that so many people get to learn about it and hopefully use their knowledge to make our lives better and easier.