MieRobot | AI Machine Learning workshops

By 2020, Artificial Intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates: Gartner

Price INR 7000/- (inc GST)



What is covered: MACHINE LEARNING


Machine learning - Data analysis using NumPy


Machine learning - Data analysis using Pandas


Case study  - Data analysis


Python for data visualisation using Matplotlib


Machine Learning - Linear and logistic regression


Machine Learning - Cross-validation and Bias-variance trade-off


Machine Learning - K nearest neighbours


Machine Learning - Decision Tree and Random Forest


Machine Learning - Support vector machines


Machine Learning - K-means clustering

Capstone project



  • Language: Python

  • Packages: Numpy, Pandas, SciKit learn

  • OS: Windows, Ubuntu or Mac

  • Time: Saturday/Sunday: 9 am - 11 am

  • Mode: Online via Zoom meeting

  • Classes start: April 2019 


Anirban Ghatak is the founder of MieRobot and has been coaching machine learning for corporates and education sector for the last 3 years. He has trained over 4000 students in the area of robotics, machine learning, IOT, Azure and analytics.


Anirban's coaching style is applied and code based on minimum but impactful training. Anirban has worked in India, Singapore, Germany and the UK serving customers across Utilities, automotive and Telco. 


Anirban has been invited as a speaker in multiple events and conferences and he is all set to launch working robots in the Indian retail space very soon.

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