Machine learning roadmap for starters:

Welcome and wishing you a great start with Machine learning. If you are totally new to Machine learning then start with watching this video. 




















The learning path is for Python and stage zero is the starting point.


We recommend to follow the order and move ahead. In our blogs we use Python but 

R can be used as well. 

The learning roadmap assumes a third year Engineering/Maths/Statistics student who wishes to move in Machine learning. This roadmap is also valid for professional from IT services.

Deep learning and image processing using OpenCv is not mentioned in this roadmap. Below is a starter podcast on the mistakes to avoid while starting Machine Learning.














Stage zero & getting things ready:



Stage 1:


Stage 2:


  • Supervised vs Unsupervised learning

  • Linear regression using Python

  • Cross-validation and Bias-Variance trade-off

  • Logistic regression using Python

  • Overfitting


Stage 3:


Stage 4: 


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