Partial gallery from our past seminars:

For seminar booking please email us at:
Please note: Seminar invite should come from college/University and not students. For corporates invite should come from L&D Or HR. We cover AI, ROS Robotics, Deep Learning using Python, Machine Learning using Python, Computer Vision using OpenCV Python, Product Management (MBA/BBA), Business Analysis (BBA/MBA), Entrepreneur sales (BBA/MBA) and Design thinking.
For a list of equipment and logistics needed from college click the button on right.

Equipment support for MieRobot seminar needed from college: 


1. A seminar hall with seating arrangements.

2. We carry our own laptop with VGA port. Projector with VGA port is needed from college.

3. It's good if the seminar halls have curtains as we play videos which are best viewed in a bit low light (optional)

4. Cordless microphone (one) & free walking space in front of the screen. 

5. Free walking space to interact with the audience.

6. Email list & name sent to the participants (both students and faculty) as Excel document at least 3 days before seminar start. This is needed for a survey before and after the seminar. 

7. A bottle of water (small) kept at the podium for the speaker.

8. Car pick up and drop from Hotel (local)

9. Have a local person taking photos - mostly someone from faculty team does it.

10. Display the event poster as per college standard or as shared by MieRobot(optional).