Why campus productivity is important for you?


So what is basically productivity if we speak in terms of mathematics?

If we take Productivity as P, Effort as E and Size of a work as E and waste as W. Then we get the below equation of:

P = S/(E+W) or Productivity = Size of work / ( Sum of efforts + waste).

Hence, productivity is a rate and a ratio both. Simple elementary variations can now say - P is inversely proportional to E if others are kept constant.

In simple words of cricket, it's like a run rate. A good batsman will have a better run rate than the ordinary one. In our day to day work, we relate productivity with efficiencies without breaking so much head about the equations which are just as fine.

But Hey this is a robotics platform so what's a blog without few equations thrown in.

To manage Productivity on campus is important because we need to manage the efforts and hence time. We also need to be careful that we keep waste = which is generally a waste of time or time spent on rework minimum.

So what could be some practical ways to be campus productive?

Here are our tips:

MieRobot Pro tip 1 #

Be happy and cheerful.

Yes, this simple tip tops our charts. If you are happy and motivated you will be more productive. Don't take your assignments and labs as stress but a learning chance. Explore all avenues to learn and be happy!

Simple right? MieRobot Pro tip 2 #

Keep a classical notebook and a pen/pencil.

While we know that smartphones have all the apps to do these but nothing beats the old style of a pen and paper. Keep a simple to-do list for personal and professional/academics areas and put a tick when achieved.

You may also use multi-color gel pens to keep it colourful and be productive.

MieRobot Pro tip 3 #

Make memories and events and not time pass. Let us explain that. We think that college days are the best so we don't want to be an agony aunt and say do not have fun. Have fun but learn to differentiate between a time pass and an event.

Keep a simple to-do list for personal and professional/academics areas and put a tick when achieved.

Make hostel parties eventful not just another time pass.Pick your case wisely. This step will eliminate waste W from the equation. Take a case of celebration for every chance and reward yourself with a break or treat.

MieRobot Pro tip 4 #

Learn to make a robot !

Yes, we are serious and not lobbying robotics at all. A mid-scale robot will force you to rethink your design to make the robot productive. You will need to ensure that productivity is maintained.

Still not convinced?

Take your battery source for example - you need to ensure you have a good balance of the power source for your robot's motor,sensors and single board computers.

Most robots maintain separate power sources to be productive and needs an approach to design the power source.

Another example is adding a capacitor soldered to your DC motor to prevent noise. Sound right now?

MieRobot Pro tip 5 #

You yourself hold the key towards your productivity.

You must know what are your strong areas and weak zones. We do not mean just subjects but everything about you.

Weak areas would need more time and strong areas less time. Once you know that you can maintain the delicate balance and be more productive your output.

For every success or failure do lessons learnt as a starting point.

MieRobot Pro tip 6 #

Reach for collaborative study.

Yes, group study is retro. Try the collaborative study by being the teacher of the subject that you excel and be the student where you need improvements.

Such collaborative models can drive excellence in capstone projects, research and even exam related preparations. Nothing makes you a productivity champ than teaching

For every success or failure do lessons learnt as a starting point

MieRobot Pro tip 7 #

Drink water !

Yes drink water. Make sure you stay hydrated to balance that equation of productivity. Period.

MieRobot Pro tip 8 #

Dnt stress, be active.

Indulge in some physical activity and outdoor sports. You do not have to be a champ but get those mechanics moving.

A productive professional is sought for in all walks of life and this is a life skill. So keep cracking the campus like a productive pro with these 8 tips. Feel free to share and comment.

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