You can now wear a robot to your campus easily

Moore's Law has affected all of us. The size and cost of chips and IC are decreasing every year so the obvious question that comes to mind is that - how far are we from the days of secret agents ourselves wearing a sci-fi gadget over our body?

Well, this is here now already and the category of these electronics are used under a bucket term in robotics and electronics as 'wearable'. Yes, you can wear a chip, robot or even stitch one to your jacket and be cool.

The wearable under open source has immense potential for an engineering student or a hobbyist. From the integration of a heart sensor, a pedometer to onboard LED's you can do anything.

The advancement in chemical engineering has lead to smaller and efficient batteries which power them for a longer duration.

Figure this, you wearing a Christmas jumper at a party and you have a cool displayed LED message or design. Programming adds intelligence to these LED's as well - so they may react to an external event.

If this not looks much cool then one may devise a cycling jacket which blinks ---> right and <--- left as the cycle moves right left. A heart monitor paired with a Bluetooth device may trigger SMS in case of a SoS or a pedometer watch may help you keep fit.

The scope is infinite as our imagination and here are some use cases we have picked for your future project and ideas.

a) Fitness use cases for wearable - Integration of pedometer, step measurements, heart monitor along with analytics can be a cool product to investigate

b) Wearable fashion - Make cool stylish real life dresses with LED integrated in jackets, hoodies, caps and be the funky campus dude

c) Smart clothing using wearable - Design of vests especially for high altitude tracks, adventure , high intensity workouts which may regulate body heat, odour and even temperate

d) Safety gadgets - Design of a strap which may trigger an sms & email alert to a pre configured friend if the host user is in crisis by reporting back abnormal readings in heart beats due to an attack or safety threat.

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So what are you waiting for? Let us know about your next wearable project and we would be glad to share your success story.

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