Get an appreciation certificate from us as a Guest Blogger. Here is how.

We are rolling out two interesting features for our readers soon and these are Guest blog program and Campus Ambassador program. This blog will share the details on the Guest blog program.

Writing is an essential skills in Industry and research. Putting forward your view and knowledge in front of an audience through writing is a great skill to have. It is a life long skill and helps an individual for a life time. Blogging is once such way to get yourself more exposure and make an extra step towards career progression.

Why blog at all?

This is a valid question. Like anything in life, everything is not for everybody. This is not a question of good or bad. It just depends on a person to person basis. A blog can be a good platform to share your view and thoughts with a wider audience. If you enjoy writing then why not give blogging a try? All technology and business company these days encourage building a community of bloggers. We are MieRobot are no different.

Why blog as a student?

In your cv, you can add a section called as the publication. You can then insert the URL of the blog. This adds a little more credibility. Recruiters always look for fitment and something extra. Having a couple of blogs in a neutral platform helps to stand out. It is also a great way to showcase your views, knowledge and expertise.

Why blog with

We are a crazy motivation platform to enable students to make a start in employable areas as machine learning and robotics - together with readers as yourself we make a community of over 6000 spread across countries and social media channels. We have won two awards on robotics and machine learning from FeedSpot. We have a good India Alexa rank (used as a metric for the site) and also a DA(Domain authority). the best part is - We will also send you a certificate once your blog is published to your email id. See such a sample below.

Guest Blog sample certificate | MieRobot blogs

What areas can we blog with

See this page. We cover both technical and non-technical blog. You can also blog on your college event. Example: Write a blog on how Engineer's day was celebrated on your campus.

What are the blogging guidelines?

1. Please use Microsoft Word to create your first draft in Ariel font.

2. We will format the article you send so do not worry about font size and headers

3. Your blog should be 800 words minimum. Word can count the number of words for you if you look at bottom right

4. If you use references to other website or articles please add a section called as reference

5. At the end include a 3 line Bio about you and a photo in JPEG format. It would be great if you have a LinkedIn URL as well in the Bio

6. If you include diagrams please make sure you have taken the pictures. For circuit diagrams, you may use Fritzing which is a great free tool

7. Please run a grammar and spell check

8. We will check your content for Plagiarism as a policy. So please ensure you submit original work

9. does not accept or pay money for any of the Guest Blog Program

Guest blog already published/Example

Have a look at this guest blog example on Machine learning Word embedding by Halyna Oliinyk -

How to submit the blog?

It is simple. Apply through the form mentioned in this link and if we like your topic we will send you an email to share the blog as an email.

We hope this announcement was useful and we are sure you will look to contribute towards the MieRobot community.

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