A day well spent at CYCLOTHONE 2018, INDORE

CYCLOTHONE 2018, INDORE | MieRobot campus reporter

I was sitting on my couch in Indore when I got to know about the cycle event that is taking place here.

Since I have always been an enthusiast of cycling, I took no time but to Google the information about it. So here is what I got to know about it.

Where? – Pioneer college, Indore. When? – 14th January,2018. Who was the organizer? – Seva Sahayog Foundation. Who was participating? – Almost 150 cyclists from all around the Indore.

What was the objective?

Cycling is one of those events that generally captivates the attention of the masses in a spectacular way.

Not only it connects the people but it also sends them a message of Unity, Team Work, and Fitness. This annual ‘Tour De City' – Cyclothone event was basically a fundraising social event that was conducted and operated by ‘Seva Sahayog Foundation' to up-skill the deprived sectors of the society.

CYCLOTHONE 2018, INDORE | MieRobot campus reporter

Overall the biggest objective of this event is to spread bicycle awareness event among all the age groups regarding clean and green city women empowerment, helping underprivileged people, avoiding food wastage and other things.

I have covered every sporting event that has occurred in my beloved city of Indore and according to me the Cyclothone 2018, Indore is arguably my favourite sporting event that I have ever covered.


So I packed my bag and decided to cover this notable event. I had arrived the Pioneer College 15 minutes before the event was scheduled to begin.

One of the thing that really amazed me that even on a holiday, the spectators were in huge numbers. On a guess estimate, it was around 2500 – 3000 people who were there to witness the event. The crowd was cheering and booing and beyond doubt they had as much energy as the participants itself.

On another side, the participants were gearing themselves up for the contest. They were warming up, putting their gear on and were checking their bicycles for the annual event. The participants were cheered by their families and the spectators.

CYCLOTHONE 2018, INDORE | MieRobot campus reporter

The ground was beautifully set up and decorated in a ravishing way. The stage was a bit high above the ground and it was populated by the officials of the event who were basically announcing information about the event and at the same time doing their best to boost the morale of the contestant.

There was one selfie competition going on, under which anyone from the audience and other staff can take a unique selfie with a bus that was beautifully decorated. This contest was named as ‘Funky Bus Selfie'. Under this competition, the participants were required to take a unique selfie and had to post on their Facebook wall with the #TourDeCity marathon.

So the race was taking place in two parts, the first one was the plain race under which the participants were required to race on simple and assigned route which was of 15 km that goes through from all the integral and well-known part of the city.

Whereas the other type of race was completely different and interesting. This cycling event was named as ‘Treasure Hunt'. It was estimated at 25 km. Under this, the participants were not aware of the next destination. They had to read the first lap and had to collect the hint that will take them to the next destination.

The event began on the scheduled time with a huge round of applause and a chorus of cheers from the audience. There was a rush of adrenaline when I looked at the high spirited cycle riders rushing into the way of their path.

It was around 9 am when the bus and the sound of the ground again raise the volume when the racers were coming close to the finish line. Everyone was on their feet when the winner finally touched the finishing rope.

CYCLOTHONE 2018, INDORE | MieRobot campus reporter

Overall these were the final winners of the entire event:

CycloFreaks1 won the competition with team Aarambh as first runner up & CycloFreaks as second runner-up.

Similar dress team - Team no. B. Most energetic team, - team C Best dress team - Team no. K

The team that won Treasure hunt was Team G CycloFreaks5. They took 60 minutes to complete.


Once it was all done and dusted. There was the distribution of food packets and coffee for all the visitors and spectators. All the competitors were appreciated and awarded different gifts and goodies from the organizers.

CYCLOTHONE 2018, INDORE | MieRobot campus reporter

The entire environment was very positive and everyone was looking happy because at the end of the day, everyone was the ultimate winner of life.

I generally like to go these kinds of events. Not only they bring smiles on the faces of the participants, but they share a moment of joy to everyone.

This event was none less than successful. With all the positivity and happiness, it was trying to bring, they successfully delivered in the social cause.


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CYCLOTHONE 2018, INDORE | MieRobot campus reporter

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