4 cards of digital disruption today?

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The Tech Revolution is on and you can see the changes in your day to day activities or the way you use the internet. 'Disruption' is simple terms would mean a game changer business model. A model of doing same things in a new way to deliver benefits faster ,cheaper and customer friendly way.

The following are the trending areas which we call as '4 cards of digital disruption' and this is not to scare the readers but to encourage them to learn for the future. We all know survival of the fittest is the best life philosophy anybody can pursue. Therefore, embrace the change, flow through the tech revolution and emerge as a winner.

1. Automation especially in Finance Sector:

If your parents are doing online banking then I must say you should be a Millennial or you have got extra smart ‘Techy’ parents. Mine are not. Have you realised when the last time you have visited a bank branch and how frequently your parents visit a bank branch? We in India have started to move to a Digital or cash-less economy but if you think of developed economy very fewer people actually visit a bank branch. People can now deposit checks using a smartphone or digitally fire off cash to friends using various means. As a customer, this is a delighting experience but a potential job threat to the people who actually, works in a bank. According to a report in public domain, high % of bank jobs could be lost between 2015 and 2025, mainly due to retail banking automation.


'Disruption' is simple terms would mean a game changer business model.


The chatbots will reduce the number of people working in call centres; the robo-advisors will replace the role of financial advisors. The robo-advisors will use big data and will take decisions within a split of seconds. The finance technology start-ups will boom in the year 2017 and beyond.

2. Big and Bigger Data:

Whenever, you are using Facebook, Twitter or FitBit have you realised

that you are continuously creating data streams. Big data is already there and is getting bigger day by day. Big data algorithms are changing the data landscape so frequently. You can refer to the machine learning algorithms in our blog for some insights. To handle such enormous amount of data the traditional database and data warehouse is not the option. Every time you are using your GPS location or you are uploading the run time you are generating big data and you can now see how our daily activities generating data. These are only personal examples and if you think of the industry activities you will understand the impact is much bigger than these examples.


A model of doing same things in a new way to deliver benefits

faster ,cheaper and customer friendly way.


3. The Internet of Things is a reality:

I was having a discussion recently with a colleague and he was telling how he is implementing DIY internet of the things at his house. He is creating an automatic door system that will identify his cat’s paws and will let the cat enter when he or his wife is not around and they will control the whole system using their mobile phones. This may sound silly to someone but when we will start using on an industrial purpose the impact will be much more than certain personal fancy. Have you seen the HomeKit app of Apple? With the new Home app, you can securely control all your HomeKit accessories from your favourite iOS device.How much data is being generated in this process just close your eyes and think.

Yes, this is tech revolution and you have to know about this. 10 years back these things seemed only magic or science fiction but now this is a reality. Our project Keya is a miniature version of IoT that you can create yourself and surprise your friends.

Mobility and disruption

4. Mobility :

In recent year how many time you have actually opened your laptop to recharge your phone or for top-up or for your online shopping. Our mobiles are now our marketplace. You open your banking app to transfer money and we are always on the move. You can work from home and remotely connected working style will be in fashion.Freelance working will be encouraged and mobility will dominate the industries. You can complete your lectures when you are travelling, education will have a different meaning to us and to our younger generations. Why not try our app for a mobility?


Our project Keya is a miniature version of IoT that you can create yourself and surprise your friends.


5. Space exploration will become cheaper:

space exploration from digital disruption

The year 2017 will see huge changes in space mission. Costs will go down drastically with what would previously cost billions of dollars costing only millions. ‘TeamIndus’, a Bengaluru-based private aerospace company, is the only Indian team leading the charge of India to win the Google Lunar X Prize mission announced in year 2007. source : Wikipedia

Conclusion :

It has to be noted that disruption is not a new phenomenon. But this wave of digital disruption is very large, strong and has a wider impact. Digital disruption will create many areas of jobs and also terminate some traditional jobs. Being 'Geeky' is the new 'hottie' sentiment is our recommendation. It needs an era of unlearning and learning but promotes a very strong sentiment of growth for new starters in college.

Being geeky with MieRobot


Being 'Geeky' is the new 'hottie'


By focus in applied branches like robotics,mobility and data science a student can be in hot demand in the job market. In our next blog, we will talk about the jobs of the future that will open up due to this digital disruption.

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