Robotics tool kit series - GNU OCTAVE

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For your next toolkit series you need some software for mathematics, statistics, image processing. We always recommend to use an open source approach for both hardware and software as much as possible. Hence, the first one you should get is GNU Octave. The advantages of GNU Octave as your kit are as below-

# Its Free ! - Since this is distributed as open source under GNU General public license you can use it for free. To download click here.

# It is compatible with Matlab - If you have defined your codes well this can work with Matlab as well.

# Its there for sometimes now - Yes, GNU Octave is not a new bie. So its supported by a community and it does the job well

# It has a GUI - This graphical interface has been included from version 3.8 while you may still use the CLI (Common line interface)

# Octave interpreter has an OpenGL-based graphics engine to create plots, graphs and charts , so you can use in mathematics subjects as well apart from robotics

# Octave uses an interpreter to execute the Octave scripting language

# It runs on Windows as well as Linux , even MacOs so use it guys

# It has many built in functions as in areas of calculus , matrix and many more. In short both linear and non linear.

A start in such mathematical software will not only boost your skills but will help in a long way when you engage in complex robotics in areas of AI or computer vision. Hope you will have this soon added in your robotics club.

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