How much programming is like enough for college robotics? Our Top 3

top 3 programming languages for robotics

We had earlier posted a graphics on top machine learning algorithms needed for engineering students. In case you have missed the blog you can have a look here.

In this blog, we will talk about the programming languages needed for robotics. Our regular blog followers would know that we are extremely biased towards Python. Yes, we admit that and we love Python. So it is not a surprise that Python tops our list. Read on for the entire list below for our personal view on this topic.

Python - A robot is supposed to do a task so it should have some kind of intelligence built into it. Agree that Python is not the only option but we recommend Python as the clear chart topper from The main reasons are: Python is a very employable skill if someone can learn it well. This skill will not only help you in your robotics but also in job as it is a high demand skill set today. Data science is run mainly these days in R and Python. Python also is easy to run in single-board computers like Raspberry Pi and it is the best option for computer vision in opensource category. So if you want your robot to do beyond sensors and actually see then Python is the way to go. Finally, the learning curve is not very steep and there are tonnes of free materials available for anyone to learn it.


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C++ - Nothing beats this old gold. Use of C++ for micro-controller and sensors is well known. Arduino code runs on C++ and it works like a charm taking the assembly level complexities away when it comes to hardware programming. Use C++ for the hardware and sensor control and interface with Python for the AI. See our blog on how to get Python and C++ to talk to a robot.

Node.js and robotics

Use C++ for the hardware and sensor control and interface with Python for the AI


Node.js (Jave script)- The javascript lightweight framework is loved by robotics fans all over the world. It can be used with Arduino via the StandardFirmata and can be used over a single board computer like Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison using the IO-Plugin. Node.js has also used widely for IoT-based robotics because of the ease of use and a wide community support. You may also attend various Node.js meet ups which are organised and don't miss to check out Johnny-Five package for robotics and IoT. A killer stack to know for all students.

If you have covered these three ground then we guess you should be fine. We have intentionally left out Java and VC++ platform as we are not exposed to these areas much. But nothing stops you to explore and if you feel confident in using Java or VC++ then go ahead.

Hope this blog helped you stay focussed in terms of programming.

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