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Interview with - Mike from | Robotics blog

Today we have Mihail with us at MieRobot interview section. Mihail is the creator of the fabulous drone site at We exchanged our thoughts with mails running back and forth between India and Bulgaria to bring this interview for our readers.

Interview with drone-supremacy | Robotics blog

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MieRobot - Q1. (Smiles) Thank you, Mihail, for getting some time from your busy schedule to talk with our viewers. So please tell us about yourself and Drone Supremacy.

Drone Supremacy @ Mike- A1: My name is Mihail, friends call me Mike. I’m 27 years old and I’m originally from Bulgaria, but I’ve lived in Denmark for quite a while.

My passion for drones started a few years ago, when I got a small quadcopter as a present and I instantly got hooked.


"I have a 9-5 job in the IT industry, so I’m trying to combine it with my other passion - drones". - Mike from


I’ve started my drone blog called Drone Supremacy just over a year ago with the idea to create a place where the beginners could find all the help they are looking for when picking their first drone and all along the way after that.

MieRobot - Q2. (Excited)You have a day job as well – what made you spend time and effort to build a blog like Drone Supremacy?

Drone Supremacy @ Mike A2: Yes, that’s correct. I have a 9-5 job in the IT industry, so I’m trying to combine it with my other passion - drones. I actually just started a YouTube channel as well just 2 weeks ago, because who needs any free time, right? Now all of my time is devoted to growing the website and the YouTube channel.

It all started just as a simple hobby in my free time, but it turned out to be so much more! My biggest motivation is connecting with my subscribers and readers – every day when I’m responding to my e-mails and I get to know the people I’m talking to, I feel grateful to be in this position and being able to help those people with tips or advices about drones. It’s a huge reward!

MieRobot - Q3: Which is one drone you dream of and why?

Drone Supremacy @ Mike A3: My absolute dream drone could be one that combines the extreme portability of the DJI Mavic Pro and the camera capabilities of the Inspire 2 or the Phantom 4 Pro. I do however have a feeling we’re going to see such drone much sooner than we expect, maybe the DJI Phantom 5?

MieRobot - Q4: Can you suggest top 3 drones under $100 for our readers as the ‘first’ drone? We love camera drones as a start.

Drone Supremacy @ Mike A4: Camera drone and “under $100” don’t really go together to be honest, as in this hobby you really get what you pay for. However, there are some really good options under $100 that I’ve listed on my website and I keep updating each month. My favourite would be the UDI 818A HD+, this thing is a beast (laugh).

MieRobot - Q5: (Curious looks) What should a first time buyer look for while buying a drone?

Drone Supremacy @ Mike A5: First you have to pick what kind of drone you need, although I always suggest that you start off with a cheaper quadcopter until you get the hang of flying and you get more comfortable with it.


"I’d recommend to stick to the more popular brands such as DJI, Yuneec, Autel, Syma, UDI, HolyStone and Hubsan, as they have already proven the quality of their products. Avoid Chinese knock-off models at all costs". - Mike from


In 2017 the most popular categories of drones are the toy drones – they are very affordable & tons of fun to fly, selfie drones – really cool and small drones which are perfect for family gatherings or capturing spontaneous shots, racing drones (those are amazingly fast, but break a lot), and camera drones – take them as a flying DSLR camera in the sky.

The next step is to figure out the price you’re ready to pay for your drone, as like I mentioned above, you really do get what you pay for. Typically a nice camera drone, packed with features is over $1000. A really good option that gives you the most bang for your buck in my opinion is the DJI Mavic Pro, which is $999.

Last but not least, it’s very important to pick a reliable drone that would to the job you want it to. I’d recommend to stick to the more popular brands such as DJI, Yuneec, Autel, Syma, UDI, HolyStone and Hubsan, as they have already proven the quality of their products.

MieRobot - Q6: Are you planning blogs with FCB (flight controller boards) for custom made drones?

Drone Supremacy @ Mike A6: In the past weeks I’ve been trying to make a post schedule both for my website and YouTube channel and to be honest, combining this with my day job and the few upcoming trips I have, I really don’t see how I’m going to pull through (laugh).

Not in the very near future at least.

Q7: Can you share some tips on drone care and to avoid accidents?

Drone Supremacy @ Mike A7: A good way to protect your drone and avoid crashes or mishaps is to follow a simple checklist. Of course it really depends on the drone that you’re flying, but here’s a simple checklist that you can incorporate in your preparations before you start flying:

Intwerview with drone-supremacy | Robotics blog

  • Check if your drone battery is fully charged

  • Check for damaged or loose components

  • See if your propellers are correctly attached and if they spin with no obstruction

  • Check the landing gear for damage

  • Make a calibration of the drone

  • Turn on the camera of the drone (if it has one) and check your settings

  • If you plan to film, check if you have your SD-card in (You have no idea how often people forget this)

  • Scan for nearby people/cars/animals/obstacles

  • Start your drone

  • Hover for a few seconds, check for any abnormal sounds/vibrations

  • Take off


MieRobot - Q8: (Smiles) What is your review for

Drone Supremacy @ Mike A8: I love the fact that you’re teaching young people about robotics and upcoming technologies – I really do believe this will be a great part of our very near future and it’s great that so many people get to learn about it and hopefully use their knowledge to make our lives better and easier.

I hope you and continue to push the industry forward and I wish you the best of luck!


We found the flying and caring tips from Mike awesome. We loved his videos and his web site.

We thank you Mike again for your time and we wish best of luck to Drone Supremacy.

We recommend all our readers to have a look at Drone-Supremacy site and YouTube channel mentioned below.


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