Interview 03: Meet 'Amy' the awesome humanoid robot from Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp.

The applications of robots have extended in recent years. Robots of today have come out from the factories and science fiction movies to our social lifes. The advancement in embedded technology as per Moore’s Law is impacting all of us in a positive way i.e robots with better ROI (return on investment).

Figure this, you plan to spend a Friday evening in an upmarket restaurant with a fine dining experience and you are greeted by a Robot who guides you towards the table number allocated and cheerfully welcomes you to have a sit.

It then speaks out the chef's dish of the day and places your orders. After that it carries back your food and drinks to be served with self guided locomotion.

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Sounds Geeky and elite right?

It does but now these things are very much possible in real life.


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Now coming back to Amy -

Amy the humanoid robot:

Last week we had an express interest from Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp., Ltd with their robot ‘Amy’ to be featured as a guest on our blog.

I personally exchanged some emails on 'Amy's features' with Mr.Sajid who is the Director, Foreign trade, Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp based in China and I was amazed at the features ‘Amy’ offered.

Video credit - You tube channel from Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp

Amy is a multi functional professional restaurant service robot. It provides friendly and effective customer service to all guests or customers in Restaurant, Hotel Bar, Cafe & all kind of events.

We picked up some features of Amy and summed it up for our readers below -

Communication & Coordination:

Amy can communicate and coordinate activities in Restaurant, Hotel Bar, Cafe & all kind of events, commercial spaces. Amy has a personality and can welcome the customers, introduce dishes and others information on the screen, Ordering a meal and guide seats in a restaurant provide dishes.

Restaurant and other professional services:

Amy is equipped with an advanced sensor and can be precisely positioned to deliver dishes in an accurate location. The effective driving stability and smoothness are guaranteed and the dishes do not fall while Amy delivers them.

Additionally, Amy can handle product and service inquiries like pricing. What is lovely is that Amy has the capability to entertain guest & customers.

Amy the humanoid robot | Robotics blog |

Face recognition technology:

Amy uses advanced face recognition technology, to identify different character traits. This does add a personal and humane touch to the robot.

Recognition,Voice recognition & Navigation:

Pleasant and likeable, Amy is much more than a robot, She is a genuine humanoid companion created to communicate in the most natural and intuitive way, through her body movements and her voice.


If Amy is positioned at the restaurant doorway and a customer enters – Amy can be programmed to greet with a custom message.


Amy can recognise also voice, hear and move around autonomously. Automatic obstacle avoidance, navigation, route planning is provided as a capability.

Amy can move in the complex layout of the restaurant freely and when customer comes in the way Amy will automatically stop to respond -

"Excuse me, you are on my walking route."

Software downloads:

One can also personalise Amy by downloading the software applications based on your mood or the occasion.

Intelligent voice cloud synchronisation:

Amy can sync with voice command over the cloud. The custom voice can be tailored.

Example – If Amy is positioned at the restaurant doorway and a customer enters – Amy can be programmed to greet with a custom message like ‘"you are welcome to visit the" + <customised voice prompts>

Children and adult love this feature for sure.

Although I have not met Amy in person and this interview is based on emails i exchanged, I think in my personal opinion that Amy is brilliant as a humanoid robot.

We would request our readers to have a look at the official website of Amy for more details. These are provided in the references section at the end.

My good wishes to Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp., Ltd and my love to ‘Amy'.

Disclaimer: The inputs received for this blog interview are based on information provided in emails and available in public domain. has not verified or reviewed the product. Pictures of 'Amy' have been used with written permission from Suzhou Pangolin Robot Corp. does not do paid endorsements or reviews and is an invite only platform.

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