Easy steps to make your first robot using the TV remote

So what would be the basic easy steps you can take today to make your first robot? Follow these steps for a guaranteed success in your first robot. Anyone can make this so why not give a try ?

The easiest robot which we personally think is an Infrared controlled (IR) robot car. You can control the robot using a TV remote as well. This robot can be made by anyone with some basic skills in C++ programming, electronics and google. You need not be a geek to do this.

Below is a video of such a working robot using the remote making basic movements of forward, left, right.

So here are the steps.

Step 1 – Buy Arduino Uno Board, motor driver shield for Arduino Uno (version 2), basic robot car chassis with 2 or 4 dc motors, IR Receiver with remote, some new AA batteries, 6 AA battery box with a switch, some jumper wires. Arduino is the 'brain' of the robot here (micro controller).

Step 2 – Learn to turn a DC motor with Arduino as a first step. Make sure you read the specification of the motor driver board first. We recommend the Adafruit Motor Shield V2 library

Step 3 – Follow any setup guides in internet to set up the IR receiver with Arduino (there are too many guides over the internet to configure a IR sensor with arduino) . If you still need help comment on this blog.

Step 4 – Test the robot using the TV remote now. Hurray!

Step 5 – Get famous! Write to us and we may feature you in our website with a pic.

What problems you may face?

Problem 1 – Soldering can be a problem if you have never done it. Take help from an adult if you are a minor or take help from a friend to get two wires soldered to the dc motors

Problem 2 – Money! This robot is not very costly but if you are struggling with money then break the spend into some months of purchase. Start with buying the Arduino UNO and the IR receiver.You can use time to try more Arduino examples.

Problem 3 – Does not work! Post a comment in this blog and we will try to help you.

Problem 4 – This is a remote controlled car and not a robot. Yes, you are partly right as this does not have any kind of intelligence of a robot. You can add a Ultrasonic sensor and make an obstacle avoidance robot. Yes, plan an upgrade maybe.

Problem 5 – Does not move! Try to read the remote signals in Arduino serial monitor or make sure you have new batteries. Check your ground connections.

Did we miss anything ?

If yes, please comment and we are happy to detail this blog.

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