Running a retro Mario game using Python Pygame

Pygame Mario running over Ubuntu

It is not a secret that we love Python so much. We simply can not stop loving it. We had earlier blogged on Python here and the top machine learning python packages here. Have a look at them if you are interested in Python.

Today we will do some retro games in simple steps to play an Old school Mario game. The secret sauce to this is a Python package called as Pygame.

Install Pygame in Ubuntu

The package is really cool and offers free tutorials as well. To get started you simply have to pip as :

sudo pip install pygame


The secret sauce to this is a Python package called as Pygame.


That is all and if you have Python3 installed you will get this package installed in no time and you would see the success message as :

Successfully installed pygame-1.9.3

Now you have Pygame installed we would need to run a game to test the package. To test and have fun there are already loads of projects done and since we love the retro game we picked up Mario as Wario land3. This game has only level 1 done so far but still looks amazing. So to install we would need to follow the install steps as below:

We build the dependency and git clone as below:

sudo apt install python-pygame git clone

Then we change directory and run the main python game program as:

cd Wario-Land-3

And then to run the game:


References for the video :

The controls are as follows:

key action A move left D move right L attack P jump


sudo apt install python-pygame git clone


Source :

Boom! enjoy the game. You can see a video above as well of the steps written on this blog. The project folder is here and feel fell to try some project. Please let us know if this blog was helpful and share,like,tweet.

To learn more use this link for tutorials on Pygame. Comment,share and like.

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