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It's quite common that you need two types of operating system while doing your robotics. The most common requirement we face is that installing Linux over a Windows machine. The traditional way is doing a 'dual boot' where in at Operating system loading time you pick the option you wish to boot. This works well mainly in things like gaming where you need to use the hardware resources directly but this also needs you to install one by one the operating system. This is a headache at times. In case of robotics, you may wish to switch frequently the Operating system as you would be mostly coding and dual boot may be a frustrating experience.

This is where Oracle VirtualBox comes it.

The best part of Oracle VirtualBox is - it's free and easy to use.

A virtualization technology as Oracle VirtualBox has the concept of Guest and host. The OS you use most frequent should be your Host OS and the OS which you use less frequently would be you guest OS. We at MieRobot have used Oracle VirtualBox using Windows 7 as host and used Ubuntu as guest and it works like a cake !

Oracle VirtualBox is also a 'full virtualization' which means there is no reduction or modification needed for the guest OS to run. The technology can allocate a certain part of the host to the guest in terms of storage and memory. Example : If you have a 1 TB Hard disk and a 8 GB RAM, You can allocate 50GB HDD and 2GB RAM to the Ubuntu guest OS. Interesting indeed.

Once you have done your work on the guest , you may switch it off via Oracle VirtualBox and the resources come back to the host. Not only that you can even permanently delete the guest OS once you think you dnt need it anymore.

Oracle VirtualBox can indeed save money for you as you dnt need to buy a second laptop for your Linux needs. So why not give Oracle VirtualBox a try?

You can download Oracle VirtualBox here. Oracle VirtualBox is free and under GPL version 2.

Oracle VirtualBox forum is here for any support needed. Please like, share and comment if this blog has helped you.

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Image : Ubuntu 16 running and installing SciPy over Oracle VirtualBox

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