EMG controlled Prosthetic Limb: An amazing project from computer engineering students of Toc H Keral

Toc final year Computer Science engineering students with EMG controlled Prosthetic Limb

Members who did it # left to right are: Nikitha Sajan, Lakshmi Mohan, Sharon Alex, Aysha Zenab Kenza and Mereena Baby.

MieRobot was invited this March to present Blockchain and Machine learning & share an interactive session with Final year Computer Science engineering students at TIST - Toc H Institute of Science and technology, Cochin.

It was an amazing experience for MieRobot to interact with the faculty members & the students. In this blog, we present a very well delivered final year project which is based on robotic hand.

We caught up with Aysha who is a final year student & she was happy to share about the team in this interview. We appreciate and share our kudos to the team & college. Good job!

What is the goal of your project in simple words?

In a world with steadily growing opportunities and technologies, we often find that the less gifted tend to struggle in managing his everyday activities.

Our team overcome these shortcomings with efficient resources and knowledge. A helping hand for those in need, we worked to provide a new light for amputees (a person who has lost their arm in the process of amputation), with the help of EMG (Electromyogram) Controlled Prosthetic Limb.

A simplified robotic hand, designed to read basic hand gestures, with an affordable yet reasonable price, our product swears to fulfil the void of those deprived.

What motivated you to take up this challenge?

After a rather interesting study on the technologies available to amputees, we found with great surprise that there aren't many. One of the methods includes a conventional method of using a harness, which in the view of a common man, fell short on efficiency and easiness.

Even though there are ongoing researches with a great number of features, they happen to come with a price, which unfortunately is out of the reach of common men. Even though our product doesn't exhibit advance features, it is efficient enough for an amputee to fill his basic daily requirements with a price in his reach, an option which not only is reasonable but is also trustworthy.

How does it work in simple technical terms?

The working of EMG (Electromyogram) Controlled Prosthetic Limb is fairly simple and is based on the electric signals produced as a result of muscle movements.

Those signals are interpreted by the Myo-armband, which converts it to accurate hand gestures. This is then read by a microcontroller, the Arduino through a Bluetooth dongle.

Based on those signals read, an appropriate number of server motors are rotated to move the Prosthetic Limb. The striking feature of this set up is that the movements of the Prosthetic Limb can be controlled by the unique electrical signals produced by a body.

What is the future roadmap for this product?

Even though this project is in the initial phase, there is a lot of scope for development in the future. Presently, the movements of the Limb are restricted, which with time and effort can be extended.

With advanced technologies like AI, the nature of the product can be made faster, easier and more efficient to work with, also displaying a wide range of user-friendly features.

With enough support and encouragement, we hope that our project would bring a new perspective to those in need of a helping hand.


  • Won a first prize for paper presentation competition conducted in SVS College of Engineering.

  • The Computer Society of India has awarded us with first prize in the All Kerala Summit competition conducted in Toch Institute of Science and Technology.


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