Father's day with a smile and an amazing quadcopter under $45

Flying a quadcopter is fun and is in trend hobby. Often someone who starts in this hobby is confused on which model to buy so we bring five Quadcopter today which are ideal for starters and also an ideal father's day gift.

Flying a quadcopter is not easy as an RC toy car which we all have used as a kid so we recommend you spend some time and practise hours with basic quadcopters before buying an expensive one. The last thing you would want is a broken HD camera worth $1000.

This blog would recommend five entry level quadcopters and by 'entry level' , we mean the below features –

a) Fly both indoor and outdoor with little wind b) Decent range c) RTF – Ready to Fly

d) Optional - Decent camera

We need to explain certain terms if you are new to quadcopter to make this blog of a value.

RTR - Ready to run, this means that a transmitter comes with the quadcopter box and does not need any assembly or set-ups.

BNF - Bind and fly, this means you have to buy a transmitter additionally or re-use your old transmitter. Note transmitters do not follow universal approach and differ by bandwidth offered.

Mode 1 and mode 2 - Mode 1 has the throttle on the right side and mode 2 has throttle on the left side. The thumb is used to control the throttle and for a right handed person mode 2 is recommended but this is not a thumb rule.

Return to base - The quadcopter and can back to the position on ground from where it started.

2.4 G - The wireless band offered and most common. The advantage here is that 2.4 G enables you to fly where there are other quadcopter signals available.

Gyroscope - In simple terms provides stability.

FPV - First person view, this means you share the camera view of the drone from mobile screen or FPV glass.

Headless mode - In headless mode you do not have to worry of the orientation of the quadcopter while it is flying - it's face is your face. If there is no head less mode then you need to check out for the front of the drone always while flying.

Flip - A ‘flip’ as it a quadcopter hobby term and a starter may not know it. A flip is an acrobatic turn for a quadcopter either from top to down or from bottom to up.

Entry level quadcopter will not have features like: follow me mode, altitude hold, buzzer, FPV (first person view).

Ok now the list of five this blog is about is as below with no ranking but with pros and cons. The links and prices in $ are given from Bangood and they ship all over the world. There is a bonus quadcopter at end if you looking for a FPV option under $45.

1. Hubsan X4 H107L at $34.99


Quadcopters under $30 | MieRobot blogs

Pros - This is an ideal first quadcopter as Hubsan is a trusted brand and has all ranges of the quadcopter and they know their stuff. Hubsan X4 H107L is a proven model and does not come with a camera and can be used with ease both indoor and outdoor. The transmitter range is decent as well compared to the price of $34.99 at Bangood. Coreless motors at a great price point. Night flight added in the new model along with SMT oscillator.

Cons – Does not have a camera. Can be difficult to control for a starter, no on off switch.

2. Hubsan X4 H107C at $44.99


Pros: at a $10 more than its smaller brother H107L, this comes with a 2 MP camera and SD card slot + All features of H107L. A good deal for a sub $45 quadcopter, Coreless motors at a great price point. Many seasoned drone pilot recall this model with nostalgia as their first 'bird'.

Quadcopters under $30 | MieRobot blogs

Cons – Can be difficult for a starter to control at start , camera is average, no on off switch.

3. Eachine E010 Mini 2.4G at $13.99 only


Pros – Cheap at $13.99 and a deal for starting this hobby, fast and great throttle considering the price, prop guards, bold colour and design – looks up market, has headless mode.

Cons – Will have very limited flight at outdoor and mainly indoor use, no camera

4. Eachine H8 Mini Headless Mode 2.4G at $12.99 only


Quadcopters under $30 | MieRobot blogs

Pros - Very stable and easiest to use according to us, Can fly outdoor in little wind, great throttle, one press return, price point

Cons – There is no on off switch and the battery is connected to the circuit by a clip connector, not great for outdoor

5. Eachine E33C 2.4G 6CH With 2MP Camera at $32.99


Pros – Stable, has a camera, headless mode, 6 axis gyroscope, 2 MP camera, fly in dark/night,6 channels

Cons – Battery door needs to be screwed shut to keep it closed.

Bonus (If you like to fly FPV) :

6. Eachine E50 720P WIFI FPV Selfie at $38.99


Pros - Loaded with features like Wifi FPV, selfie camera. Fits in pocket, 360 degree flips, altitude hold, headless mode, 6 axis gyroscope

Cons - Mobile controlled, not everybody enjoys FPV flying.


All these 5 under $45 quadcopters are great and you can choose your pick from the features described. "Happy Father's day in advance".

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