TOCH TIST KOCHI - How we went for machine learning skilling (Pictures inside)

MieRobot machine learning workshop

We completed a month long machine learning skilling with final year CSE students at TOCH TIST Kochi and it was an awesome experience interacting with the students and faculty members.

The skilling was divided into two parts - The foundation was done in online mode & the machine learning part was done at campus for 5 days.

This blog shares the jouney via means of pictures shared over LinkedIn using the #MieRobotAtToch.

So let us start.

We started with our event poster to add some colours and interests :)

I being the coach added a small speech the next day - Ya ya some motivation

Landing at Kochi on a rainy day, we love Kochi, so green and peaceful.

No wonder God's own country.

Day 1# Revised foundations mainly Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib with labs

Day 2# We moved in the right groove with some MieRobot cards and regression. Here were some great moments from students.

And some more from Day 2

Day 3 and Day 4 # More of classification algo's with MieRobot laptop stickers and cards.

And we went on .... & on .. & on..

And here is the summary of that day -

Final day was fun & we had mock interviews - moment of truth - certifications

We had to keep scores as MieRobot conducts gamification and takes workshop to real life - Thank you for keeping scores#

Here is the group picture of the team along with faculty members

MieRobot machine learning workshop

Some great post workshop summary and comments. High Five to all!!


MieRobot views# We had a great time. The students from final year CSE at TOCH TIST are in our top median when it came to coding skills. 50% of the pair coding for the case studies were completed with little to no help from the coach. In terms of road ahead most of them will now complete an University elective on machine learning & also complete a capstone project from MieRobot. #MieRobotAtTOCH

We would strongly recommend companies looking at this blog to consider campus placements for these trained engineers. If you wish to get connect to their placement team please drop me an email at & I will get you connected.


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