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Python packages | MieRobot robotics blog

In case you are new to our blogs or fresh in computer vision then we strongly recommend you to read our earlier blogs that we have earlier published related to computer vision.

Robotic vision Vs Computer vision

In this blog, we will reveal you the top Python packages that you may use for robotic vision and computer vision.

NumPy We love NumPy for various reasons. It is one of the most popular used libraries that you will find references on the internet and it is also very good for managing images in arrays of multiple dimensions. It supports Matlab which is a common software used in Engineering so that adds to the charm. This is also a blessing in solving linear algebra and Fourier transforms.

Python packages | MieRobot robotics blog


We love SciPy too and in case you have missed it, have a look at our earlier blog on :

Robotics and machine learning - Installing SciKit

You can dive deep in data analysis and data mining using SciPy. The tutorials and sample codes work very well so we recommend all of you to have a look at SciPy.

Robotics blog | Top Python packages


matplotlib is a plotting library. Use to view your pictures or plot it. If you use Matlab then this one is for you as well.


Do we need to tell more? We plan to blog extensively using OpenCV and in case you have missed have a look at our earlier OpenCV blogs like -

Python packages | MieRobot robotics blog

Using contours in computer vision and robotics using OpenCV

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It works on both Linux and Windows and it provides you with a quick start to computer vision using the inbuilt webcam in your laptop. OpenCV has a steep learning curve so be prepared to invest time in learning OpenCV.


This is Computer vision made simple and refers to the above OpenCV without getting complex. What we love about simple cv is their sample codes and integration with Kinect. SimpleCV is free to use, and because it’s open source, you can also modify the code if you choose to. It’s written in Python and runs on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux.

Robotics Blog | Python packages | Showcase


This one is a bliss for mathematics lovers and bring inside the new concept of symbolic mathematics using Python. Have a look yourself and do not miss to check the option to run code block in SymPy live. We have a blog as well on SymPy live where we run an integral with one line of code here.

Bonus item:


We have added a bonus Python package although it does not belong to computer vision or machine learning. It is a cool package for building games in Python and is called as Pygame. Have a look at running a retro Mario game on Python here.

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